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This women only surf school in Costa Rica is the best choice for a power release of energy in a beautiful setting. Spa services, massage, and yoga classes are available. Kelea spa began with is roots in Hawaii where the myth of the ancient Hawaiian chiefess, Kelea, revoked her thrown to enjoy the activity of surfing in Hawaii which at that time prohibited for women. Thus Kelea Spa all girls school was founded in Hawaii.

A hot spot for Surf school Costa Rica vacations with travelers from around the globe at the moment is Costa Rica. It is being deemed as the new Hawaii. There are many activities to partake in while you are in Costa Rica however one of the most popular is Surfing. With two coasts, the pacific and caribean, there are many great beaches to learn. Kelea Spa is located in Mal Pais Costa Rica and is one of the most popular beaches and schools in Costa Rica. Kelea spa is the first Surf School Costa Rica of its kind.

With Surf School Costa Rica becoming so popular and the dry season between November - March offering such great, it was only ideal that they expanded the surf school Costa Rica operations there. With a location in Hawaii, Kelea Spa, offers not only surfing lessons from professional instructors, but they also provide equipment, accommodations, gourmet meals, massage therapist, and they also offer Spa Treatments. The complete vacation for an adventure minded woman.

The easy rolling waves of Playa Carmen in Surf school Costa Rica offer the perfect place to learn how. Whether you are a beginner surfer or a seasoned surfer we can help you extend and improve your surfing skills.

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